Farm Animals

Take a look at all the different Farm animals you will meet on your journey…

Meet Our Animals!

At Marsh Farm we are proud to have a selection of animals for you to meet along your way!

Take a look at our Animals:

Sheep Shed


Eats: Straw & Grass

Likes: Being sheered

Dislikes: Rain


Eats: Everything

Likes: Sleeping

Dislikes: Being Clean


Names: Bramble, Pepsi, Noel, Holly, Clarabelle & May

Eats: Straw & Grass

Likes: Being milked

Dislikes: Being on their own

Highland Cows

Names: Lily, Rose & Willow

Eats: Everything!

Likes: Sloppy mud

Dislikes: Missing nap time

At the Stable


Names: April, Freddy & Max

Eats: Straw, Grass, Feed & Apples

Likes: Meeting new friends

Dislikes: Not being groomed


Names: Mabel, Edna, Echo, Rocky, Whisper, Gem & Onyx

Eats: Everything, watch out!

Likes: Attention

Dislikes: Being alone

Shetland Ponies

Names: Mallow & Bebe

Eats: Straw, Grass, Feed & Apples

Outside in the Paddocks


Names: Paloma & Buffy

Eats: Straw & Grass

Likes: Dancing

Dislikes: Unhappy people


Names: Flower, Velma & Rachel

Eats: Straw & Grass

Likes: Being sheered

Dislikes: Long tangled hair


Names: Catriona (Mum), Hamish, Dougal (Baby)

Eats: Straw & Grass

Likes: Treats

Dislikes: Running

Kune Kune Pigs

Names: Paloma & Buffy

Eats: Straw & Grass

Likes: Dancing

Dislikes: Unhappy people

Perfect Little Pets


Names: Autumn Fudge, Mulberry, Panda, Parsnip, Pickles, Poppy, Pumpkin, Skittles, Tigger, Winter Snowflake

Eats: Salad, Straw and Rabbit Food

Likes: Bouncing

Dislikes: Bathtime


Names: Magic, Arthur & Mischief

Eats: Meat and Ferret Feed

Likes: Going in holes

Fun Fact: Look out for our Ferrets in the Pesky Pets Show!

Guinea Pigs

Names: Magic, Skylar, Otter, Doris, Lola, Peanut, Caramac, Hermione

Eats: Guinea Pig Food & Salad

Likes: Jumping up and down

Dislikes: Having long teeth


Names: Can you see 6 Gerbils? There’s a Mummy Gerbil and her 5 babies!

Eats: Gerbil Food and seeds

Likes: Running

Dislikes: People tapping the glass


Names: Cuddles, Battenberg, Strudel & Liquorice

Eats: Rat Food and special treats

Likes: Licking people’s ears

Dislikes: Being alone

Poultry in the Pen


Eats: Seeds

Likes: Making noise

Dislikes: Sunday roast


Eats: Seeds

Likes: Gobbling

Dislikes: Christmas


Eats: Seeds

Dislikes: Splashing in water

Around the Aviary


Names: Nobby

Fun Facts: Here’s a clue – he doesn’t know how to fly!


Indian Weaver Birds

Rosa Bourkes

Names: Enid & Ernie

Java Sparrow

Hecks Grass Finch

Zebra Finch

Isabel Finch

Star Finch


Names: Banana & Custard

Opaline Red Rumps

Names: Sunshine & Sorbet

Diamond Doves

White Dove

Names: Keith

Fun Fact: Keith used to star in Jimbo's Magic Shows!

Indian Ringneck Parrot

Names: George & Angel

Golden Mantled Rosella

Names: Topaz & Carmen

Crimson Rosella

Names: Rosie & Jim

Fun Fact: These Golden Mantled Rosellas are a breeding pair



Fun Fact: All of our lovebirds are paired up and will be partnered for life

Red Headed Conure

Names: Norman

Likes: Being sung to

Dislikes: Being shouted at

Japanese Quails

Names: Dyson & Henry

Chinese Quails

Names: Pingu & Noot Noot

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